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 News/Full version

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PostSubject: News/Full version   Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:05 am

Dear PG Members,
here I would like to discuss about the Minecraft news and try holding them up to date Wink


-THE FIRST FULL VERSION 1.0 OF MINECRAFT WILL BE PUBLISHED in about 23 days(18th November 2011)
Then the GAME WILL COST 20€!!! SO BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY 14.95€!

-Pre realese 4 of Adventure update version 1.9 on october 13th 2011!
-Mojang/Minecraft reaches 3.500.000 sells of their game on September 18th 2011!

Version Date of Addition Additions Summary
1.8.1 September 15, 2011

Bug Fixes:

⇧ Shift+clicking into a full chest/inventory crashing the game was fixed.
⇧ Shift+clicking items in and out of a dispenser crashing the game fixed.

New Bugs:

Pumpkin Seeds no longer generate in Abandoned Mineshafts' chests.[1]

1.8 (Adventure Update) September 14, 2011

Three new mobs.
New Enderman mob.
They take damage from water.
They emit purple smoke particles the same as or very similar to portal particles.
They drop Ender Pearls.
They open their mouth when hostile/looked at.
They burn in sunlight.
New Silverfish mob.
Will spawn from rarely generated blocks, that look identical to stone, or stone bricks.
New Cave Spider mob.
They spawn in Abandoned Mine Shafts.
Their attacks are venomous, and turn the player's health yellow-green upon being poisoned (will not kill you but will make you lose 4 health bars, if you are below 4 health bars then it will bring you down to Half Heart.png heart). They cannot poison players on Easy difficulty.
Have a unique mob spawner.
They are smaller than regular spiders.
9 new blocks and crafting recipes
Stone Brick
Stone Brick Slabs
Stone Brick Stairs
Brick Slabs and Brick Stairs
Fence Gates
Glass Panes
Iron Bars
New Creative game mode.
Flying by double tapping Space
Unlimited resources
Instant mining
A new screen, the Unlimited Item Selection screen
New features in the terrain generator.
Optionally generated structures
NPC Villages that include buildings and farms.
Buildings include houses, "smithies", and wells: all of which are connected through gravel pathing.
Contain the only naturally generated blocks of Stairs, Fences, Glass and Glass Panes, Ladders, Wooden Doors, Crops and Farmland, Furnaces, Black Wool, Bookshelves, and Pressure Plates.
Will spawn only on flat areas.
Strongholds, consisting of 4 new blocks: Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, and Iron Bars.
Will only spawn 3 times in a map.
Abandoned Mine Shafts
Contains naturally generated Cobweb.
Ravines including canyons on the surface and ledges to walk on.
New, fractal-based biome code, spawning much larger versions of existing versions along with 5 new biomes
Rivers flowing through/in between biomes.
Ocean Biomes, that are deeper and much more vast than before.
Mountain biome.
Swamp biome, which is the only biome to generate vines on trees. Mushrooms are more commonly generated here as well.
Using Bonemeal on Mushrooms will generate Huge Mushrooms
Clay is now much more abundant
Snow in Taiga and Tundra biomes does not generate for technical reasons. They will return in Beta 1.9
New combat Mechanics.
Hold-to-charge bows.
3 different charged states; takes less than 1 second to fully charge.
Fully charged bows causes the player to walk slower.
Critical hits.
When the player hits a mob while falling or if the player is above the mob.
When the mob is hit by a fully-charged arrow.
Players can parry with a sword by holding Right Mouse
Hostile mobs perform attack animations.
Mobs killed by players drop tiny flashing Experience Orbs that add to your experience bar.
New Food System.
There is now a food meter.
Food no longer heals directly but indirectly: if the food meter is above 80%, heals Half Heart.png about every 5 seconds.
All food (except Mushroom Stew) are now stackable.
Food takes 1.6 seconds to consume, accompanied with an animation.
5 new food items.
Melon Slices.
Raw Chicken.
Raw Beef.
Cooked Chicken.
Steak, which has Cooked Porkchop's old texture. Cooked Porkchops' new texture is a tan shade of the same sprite.
Eating any raw food or Rotten Flesh has a chance to give the player food poisoning.
New farming options, more interesting farming.
Plantable pumpkins and melons, each with a central stem that grows to max size and spawns a fruit next to it.
Melon Seeds.
Pumpkin Seeds.
A new achievement: "Kill a skeleton with an arrow at 50 meters".
Sprinting: By double pressing the forward button, the player will move faster.
Sprinting is limitless, but will deplete your hunger bar.
Hitting a mob while sprinting deals a knock-back.
Jumping while sprinting boosts the jump to a length of about 3 blocks.
Sprinting makes particles come up from the ground.
While sprinting, the field of view slightly increases.
Mob changes
Passive mobs will randomly flee if attacked by the player or other mobs (such as Wolves).
Zombies drop Rotten Flesh instead of Feathers.
The snout on pigs now protrude from their head.
Skeletons now hold full-size bows.
Player-to-mob damage decreased by half a heart.
Arrows that hit a mob visually "stick" into the mob rather than just disappear.
Skeleton arrows originate from about their eyes to the bow, instead of above the head.
New uses for shears.
Tall Grass
New improved lighting
Day/night cycles no longer require chunk updates. Lighting is updated via a texture, whose coordinates are the block's sky light and block light levels.
The lighting on a block is given a tint based on the most prominent source of light
Redish from Non-sunlight light sources
Blue from Moonlight
Total darkness keeps the same black tint
Sunlight gives the same white tint
Non-sky based light now gives a very subtle 'flicker'.
Main Menu/Options changes
The Main Menu's background is now an animated scene.
In the Main Menu, the version in the main menu is in the lower left, instead of the upper left.
New sliders for Field of View and Brightness
4 new entries in control list
"Attack", "Use Item", and "Pick Block" can now be remapped.
Player list in SMP, defaults to Tab ⇆.
The 'Multiplayer join screen' has been improved, mainly with a server list.
New texture for Moss Stone to match Cobblestone's.
Improved sunrise and sunset.
Clouds change color during sunrise and sunset to match the sky color.
Horizon, specifically haze changes color more vividly during sunset and sunrise.
New particle effects.
Performing a critical hit on any mob will cause 'sparks' to fly.
Explosion particles are now shockwaves instead of smoke.
Tiny stationary bubble particles can be seen when underwater.
Fog is now thicker and darker deep underground, and gives off particles. Due to this, the void appears black.
Changes with debug-view (F3)
Mobs are no longer visibly labeled with their entity ID
The world's numeric seed is displayed in a field below player position.
Changing fog by hotkey now requires debug-view to be open in addition with pressing F.
The version number plate displays ingame again.
User-placed leaf blocks no longer decay.
Cloud height raised to the top of the map, so clouds no longer phase through blocks.
Cloud movement syncs with the time.
Rain and snow renders faster with caching.
Armor bar moved to above hearts, due to food bar.
Both Wooden and Stone pressure plates can now be placed on fences.
Improved chest model with a 3D lock and an open state/animation. They are also now slightly smaller than one full block, and cannot have a breakage texture applied to them.
Players with the OP position on a server can switch back and forth between survival and creative mode.[2]
The game's base code now allows for mods to more easily change the(map) height.
⇧ Shift+Clicking the output item in a crafting square will craft all the items at once, and automatically places them in the inventory.
Holding the left mouse button with a weapon will now only swing once.
Holding the right mouse button to place blocks is slightly slower than before.
Animals no longer despawn which makes it possible to capture them.

Bug Fixes:

The ⇧ Shift+Click crash bug from 1.8pre2 is fixed.
Fixed Redstone circuits not working after /time set x glitch is now fixed in SMP.
Destroying boats and minecarts now creates particles.
Ghast attack sounds are fixed in SMP.
The Far Lands had been removed; now there is only ocean.[3]

New bugs:

There is a memory leak mainly occurring on Linux 32 bit.
The destruction animation for chests is missing.
If you place a torch underwater, the torch will fall off but its light will remain.
Experience orbs when dropped don't drop in a stack like items do, so when a player dies when they have a large number of experience, each orb has to be processed individually. This will cause a high amount of lag, especially for SMP servers.
Occasionally minecraft crashes when a bed is placed.
Double chests placed before 1.8 on multiplayer servers all appear to players to be facing the same direction, even when they should be rotated by 90 degrees.
The Item Selection screen in the new Creative game mode is missing a few blocks: pine and birch leaves (18:1 and 18:2), tall grass (31:1 and 31:2), double slabs (43), monster spawner (52), snow cover (78), and huge mushroom (99 and 100).
Items will not eject properly if a block is placed on them and the items are touching one side of farmland.
NPC villages occasionally spawn over partial water areas and 'float'

1.7.3 July 8, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Corrected a block duplication bug when using pistons.
Corrected a redstone torch duplication bug when using pistons.
Corrected a client crash when placing a sign in front of the piston, powering the piston and then removing the block beneath the sign.
Ice blocks are now pushed without causing water streams breaking everything.
Powered Rails are no longer being powered magically without a power source.
Pistons connected to the end of a piston transistor via redstone are now properly closed when the power goes out.
Doors no longer create purple particles.
Hacking clients can no longer edit texts of placed signs in multiplayer.
Changed so that paintings pushed by pistons will pop off.

New Bugs:

When two lines of pistons push sand blocks against each other, a duplication bug occurs.

1.7.2 July 1, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Crashed worlds now work again.[4]
Disappearing piston fixes.[5]
Pistons that caused crashing for multiplayer servers fixed.

New Bugs:

When the player opens the inventory while sleeping, the player appears sideways. (When the prior bug was pointing from the camera)

1.7_01 June 30, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Fixed piston bug. Blocks that used to make the game crash in 1.7 now just get removed by the piston.
Fixed right clicking on a sheep empty-handed causing game to crash.
Worlds crashed are now loadable again.

New Bugs:

If a piston is activated and it disrupts a redstone wire, torch, repeater, pressure plate or any other block providing power and doing so will cut power to the piston in the same tick, the game will crash and become unloadable. Using any map editor to remove the offending blocks and entities will make the map loadable again.
When crushed by pistons (or what they're moving) or when inside while it contracts, the player will be moved out of the way or into impossible places, on SMP this usually throws a "User moved wrongly!" warning.
In rare cases, when redstone travels semi-long distances (almost 15 blocks), the current won't go through all the redstone, even with a repeater just before the end of the signal. Whether this is due to redstone errors or inter-block interaction errors, it is unknown.
The door duplication bug is back again, this time happening when a piston pushes on the lower half of a door. If it is a normal piston that does it, then the piston can be destroyed and the bottom half of the door works like a normal door.

1.7 June 30, 2011

Added pistons.
Fixed clay generation.
Flint and Steel or redstone is now required to trigger TNT.
Fences can be stacked.
Added Shears.
Redstone wire now will connect to a repeater.
Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks.
Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them.
Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched, only from being killed when they are unsheared.
New textures for Cobblestone and Brick blocks.
Silverfish skin was added (possibly for Beta 1.Cool.
When pressing F3 in-game, a value ("F") from 0 to 3 will appear to indicate direction.
The gray textures in the breaking animation have been replaced with opacity.
Squid can now despawn.
Single slabs now use the bottom half of the full block's texture.
Cobweb now requires shears or a sword to be broken properly, and drops 1 string when destroyed.
The bed side texture has been moved in the texture pack file, as well as the cake texture.

New Bugs:

Pushing leaves, water, lava, levers, tall grass, flowers, mushrooms, saplings, dead shrubs and sugar canes with a piston causes the game to crash. In SMP the server crashes and restarting it doesn't necessarily fix the problem.
Right clicking sheep while holding nothing causes the game to crash.
When placing a block, it may be placed invisible, with only its border showing up. The same may happen when removing block, only its ghost will stay. Both these bugs result in crash.

1.6.6 May 31, 2011

Bonemeal can grow tall grass and flowers on grass blocks.[6]
Added Performance in Video Settings, Options Menu. Can be set to Max FPS, Balanced or Power saver.
Glowstone Changes
Changed the material of Glowstone from "glass" to "stone". This means you need a pickaxe to get resources from it. This also means you can now place redstone, torches, levers, etc. on them.
Made Glowstone drop more loot (2-4 Glowstone Dust).
Made the recipe sizes for creating cloth blocks and glowstone blocks smaller (2x2 instead of 3x3).
Removed humans(?) (mentioned as Herobrine in Notch's patch notes as a joke).

Bug Fixes:

Fixed beds not working very well in SMP.
Boat Fixes
Destroying a Boat will no longer spawn the player too low, causing them to sometimes fall through the ground.
Boats float up to the surface quicker.
Boats falling down into water lose their vertical momentum much faster.
⇧ Shift+clicking a tool into a chest no longer restores it to new.

New Bugs:

When putting torches all around a bed in SSP, you will not sleep until daytime. (?)
When pillaring, it is possible to get stuck and repeatedly go into the block below you. If you disconnect and come back, you will be on the block above your head. If you are in the nether and way up near the top, you will skip to on top of bedrock.
When you disconnect (SMP) at the bottom of a very high wall and reconnect to the server, sometimes your y position have been increased so you are in the air beside the wall, but you don't fall.
Setting the new server option view-distance lower than 10 reduces the spawn rate significantly.[7]
Arrows fired by skeletons originate from above their model.

1.6.5 May 28, 2011

Advanced OpenGL re-added. (Still with same Toggle bug as of 1.5)
Framerate cap can now be changed, with toggles of 40 FPS, 90 FPS and 200 FPS. Except for the 40 FPS setting, the framerate will only be capped when there are any chunk updates.[8]
Improvements for slow and old computers.[citation needed]
⇧ Shift+clicking an item in the crafting window now only moves the crafted item into the player's inventory.
Version number no longer displayed while playing. Still visible on title screen and debug screen.
Players riding anything or sleeping in anything will stop doing so when they leave the game now.
Sneaking effect got decreased. The character's feet looks like it's in the air.
It is now possible to climb stairs and slabs while sneaking.

Bug Fixes:

Player indicator on maps now points in the same direction as the player, instead of being rotated slightly.
Dropped equipment no longer breaks on the first use. (In some cases it still will).
Objects will now be pushed out if they are within a block.
Lighting acts normal again when placing/removing torches.
The game no longer crashes when shift-clicking to put items in a chest that is already full and vice versa.
Fixed CPU issue on multiplayer.
Saving while crouching no longer consistently teleports the player into blocks above or below when loading the save.
Exiting a Minecart or moving from one Minecart to another will no longer bump the original Minecart and make it move.
Fixed the players health appearing to be full when entering/exiting the nether.
Fixed some entities appearing to fall through the ground repeatedly in multiplayer (some might still do so).
Fixed the server sometimes thinking the player hit a corner when walking when they didn’t.
Fixed the achievements window rendering some graphics outside the clip window.
Fixed a couple of instances where beds would act strange in multiplayer, primarily the "already occupied" bug.

New Bugs:

On some computers, every few seconds, there is a huge drop in FPS lasting only a fraction of a second. This bug was noticed in version 1.6.5.[9][10]
Memory leaks. When a chunk unloads, its block textures and data are still present in the client's RAM, even if you cannot see the chunk anymore.
Sometimes blocks will fail to render, creating massive holes on the ground and walls, allowing the player to see caves and dungeons under the map. This probably happens when Minecraft runs out of memory.[11][12]
Setting Framerate Limit to 40 FPS may increase CPU usage on some computers.[13]
When Dead Shrub (Type of tall grass) (Not Desert Dead Shrubs) are broken, their particles are gray (no hue).
Difficulty may revert to "Easy" when you load a save, at least when you had it previously on "Peaceful."
Respawn after death results in being stuck until breaking block below. Does not occur at all spawn points.
Beds have numerous issues in SMP; players may sleep during night, but nothing will happen as the game thinks you're trying to sleep. This allows the player to sleep and walk freely at the same time. When all players are asleep, a few seconds later the game teleports you back to the bed and the normal post-sleeping effect will occur.
Setting view-distance=7 (or lower) in server.properties causes part of the maps (item) to revert.[14]
In SMP, sometimes when entering the World from the Nether, the sky will remain red.
Minecarts stopped on E/W powered rail will not bounce off one another, but they will on N/S powered rail.
On unlit powered rail as part of a track which terminates at a solid block to the North or to the East, a minecart can be shoved off of the track directly into the block, by a player or by another minecart.[15]
If you ⇧ Shift+click an item into a full chest, the client will not crash, but the server does.
Sometimes when trying to lie down on a bed, it fails and removes one half of a heart in SMP.
Shadows sometimes do not update.
Shift-clicking to receive items from crafting doesn't count towards items crafted in your statistics.
Walking in a corner in certain circumstances results in falling in the next block (tested on leaves).
You cannot place redstone on TNT anymore.
Left clicking on a series of Doors/Trap Doors will open all within range of your punch instead of the first.
Blocks displaced by half steps can only be collected from the side, not the top (Although the blocks are visible)
Mobs don't despawn from chunks you are no longer in. (SMP Fix)
Clay is almost nonexistent in newly generated worlds. Clay only generates if the x and z coordinates are the same.
SMP: When too many items are generated at once (Entity Overload / Large amount of Explosions) the client will fail to update some of them. It finally results in glowing passive TNT or all kinds of inventory items lying around, respectively. Both only vanish after a logout.
SMP: Maps do not load correctly, leaving chunks missing or even entire lines missing.
When saving and quitting the game, "Saving Chunks" appears and does not disappear until you close the game. (This is similar to not having any progress bar when it says Saving Chunks)

1.6.4 May 26, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Attempted fix for CPU usage issue on singleplayer and multiplayer.

New Bugs:

Sometimes when you open a world you can get stuck for a short time (about 0.10 seconds).
Entering and exiting the nether in SMP resets health bar, but not health.
Dropped tools, once picked up, disappear after first use.[16] Also if you die your tools can suffer a similar fate. If you shift-transfer such a dropped tool into a chest and back in your inventory, it's like a new-crafted tool without uses.
Holding a map in a boat can cause the arms to be misplaced. This can be fixed by exiting the boat, and opening your inventory.[17]
If a player sleeps in a bed, sometimes the bed is listed as occupied (even though it isn't) and, upon logging out, there is a NullPointerException and the player's .dat file is corrupted. There is an end of stream error when the player tries to log back in and their .dat file needs to be restored from a backup. This can be fixed by changing the sleeping value in the player's .dat file from 1 back to 0; this solves the issue and the player can then log back in. (You have to un-gzip the .dat file first, otherwise the file just looks like gibberish)
If a player crashes in the nether in SMP, some times when they reconnect, they spawn on top of the Nether. The only way back is death, or using teleportation.
Sometimes freezes most water into ice regardless of if its in a snow biome or not.
CPU issue fix is still failing, same loop as 1.6.3
Sometimes blocks will fail to render, creating massive holes on the ground and walls, allowing the player to see caves and dungeons under the map.[11][12]
Achievement display is sometimes off-panel.[18]
Updating of lighting due to Torches and other player instigated sources seems to be even worse.
Underground or otherwise enclosed Rail corners can cause you to clip through wall and lose health.
Minecarts colliding on the same track will pass through each other or come to a dead stop rather than pushing.
One Minecart may partially pass through another on a slope, when held by a non-activated booster track.[19][20]
Powered Minecarts do not push other Minecarts around.[21]
Exiting a Minecart or moving from one Minecart to another will bump the original Minecart and make it move.
Fire does not show up on a map item.
Fire sticks around much longer on blocks it can't burn.
Cobweb now acting like a solid block, player can pass through it, but he/she will get damaged.
You are able to travel down through a "closed" Trapdoor/Hatch (Under certain circumstances).
If the player is crouched while saving, he/she will then (when loading the world) spawn an additional 1.62 meters higher, and visibly fall to the ground (unhurt). However, if this occurs while standing under a solid block (such as a low ceiling), then the player will suffer 0.5 hearts of damage from clipping into the block temporarily ("suffocation"). Warning, also occasionally happens even when not crouched! (See Bug Report.)
When boats are submerged, they do not float back to surface.[22]
All TNT-entities stay client-side after exploding, until reconnection. (New bug because before just random ones stayed)
⇧ Shift+clicking to transfer items to/from chests, dispensers and storage minecarts can result in the game crashing if the items' destination would become full, or if there is no room for the new item.
Can't move and can mostly only see sky and sea when server.properties "view-distance" is set above 5. Note that the default is 10.
Hostile mobs sometimes spawn when using a bed even in a well lit room sealed off from outside environments, this appears to possibly be related to the lighting bug mentioned above (this can be an old bug: see File:Bed Template.png). Double doors also cause this to happen, the game somehow ignores one of the doors allowing mobs to spawn inside.
Craftable maps sometimes don't display the correct name, become blank or have gaps.
When crafting an item, ⇧ Shift+clicking may cause different items to be created if the elimination of resources would create a situation in which that item can be crafted. For example, having 1 stone in the top left and two in the top middle and top right, along with two sticks in the middle and bottom middle, ⇧ Shift+clicking will create a pick and a hoe.
When riding a boat with a map out, the player sometimes dies for no apparent reason.
Light bugs found in 1.6.2 can now occur in old generated chunks (not only in those generated in 1.6.x).[23]
When climbing a ladder in a 1x2 shaft, under certain circumstances, it is impossible to target a block opposite of the ladder. The cursor will repeatedly alternate between the wall and another block, usually the ladder.
The corruption of world when running out of memory fix does not always work.
When entering and leaving nether life is shown incorrectly as full.
Maps may cause crashes or instability on multiplayer servers. When maps are used the server usually crashes in the same way: CPU usage goes to 100% and short after the server kicks all player and stops responding.
Mushrooms can spread through walls.
Lava, in SMP, anywhere near wood, even if blocked by glass, will set the wood on fire. Have observed wood catching alight that is 10 blocks away from the lava source.
Maps sometimes stop updating the player position.
Spawn locations do not change when you sleep. (?)
Spawn locations may randomly shift large distances (?)

1.6.3 May 26, 2011

The renderer is now capped at 100 fps while there are chunks to be generated. The excess time will be spent generating chunks instead of rendering frames.
The "limit framerate" option now limits the game to 40 fps and will spend at least 10 ms per frame sleeping.
The "limit framerate" option has been reset to "off" for all players, enable it again if you want it.
2 blocks deep water doesn't prevent you from fall-damage anymore. You need at least 3 blocks deep water to fall in.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed some block updates not updating lighting properly under some circumstances by reverting the "don’t always send block data" fix in 1.6.
Fixed a major CPU load issue in the server where a very tight loop would starve all other threads.
Fixed furnaces dropping/duplicating their contents when they change state from lit to unlit or back.

New Bugs:

FPS limiter limits FPS to 41 instead of 40.
The fix for the CPU load issue is not working, and still starves all other threads.

1.6.2 May 26, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Fixed new item duplication bug

New Bugs:

The item duplication bug was not actually fixed; items placed in a furnace can still be taken out of a furnace and duplicated infinitely by right-clicking (although it appears the newly duplicated item will not function). Also, bug with cloned items being picked up after death wasn't fixed too.
When using a furnace and placing items into it, as soon as it's activated all items minus 1 are ejected and must be placed back in the furnace in order to use it.
Lighting is not always updated when digging new holes/tunnels, placing torches or setting blocks on fire (in both nether & normal world).
Tall grass can grow on dirt with no grass on it.
Shift-clicking something into a full chest from inventory or from chest into full inventory crashes the client.
It is now impossible to row a boat in 1 block deep water.
Sometimes (tested while in a boat on water, and when floating in water) while viewing a map the game will switch to a "saving chunks screen" then end on a black screen.
When quitting game the "Saving Chunks" progress bar does not appear sometimes.
When loading a world and standing in a cave less than 4 blocks high, the player gets some initial damage (at least the damage sound appears).
"Out of memory" error. Often appears after the "blocks don't disappear" bug.

The following bugs only occur in new chunks generated in 1.6.2:

Some chunks don't get dark at night (and vice versa; some chunks stay dark during the day).
The textures don't load on some chunks (The blocks are present but with transparent textures).
Some blocks don't disappear after being broken; it appears as if the block is still there, but can be passed through.

1.6.1 May 26, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Fixed item bug when picking up an item with a full inventory causing an infinite number of item pickup animations to play.

1.6 May 26, 2011

Added Nether support to multiplayer.
Added craftable Maps.
Added trapdoors.
Added Tall Grass in certain biomes.
Seeds are now found in tall grass; using a hoe on the ground no longer yeilds seeds.
Added Dead Shrubs in Deserts.
Mushrooms now spread, albeit slowly.
New settings in Server.properties:
Beds now explode when used in the nether.
The lighting on block icons in the inventory has been changed to appear brigher.
The record player now supports more than 15 different music disks; no additional music disks were added until Beta 1.9.
Ice now regenerates regardless of whether it’s snowing or not.
Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now show the breaking block particle effect.
Doors make sound for other players in multiplayer.
Activated dispensers make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer.
Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one.
⇧ Shift+clicking while crafting makes as much as possible and moves it straight to your inventory.
⇧ Shift+clicking something in your inventory will push it directly in your hot bar and vice-versa.
Trying to sleep in the Nether causes the bed to explode.
Temporarily disabled Advanced OpenGL due to bugs until 1.6.5.
It’s no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the map.
Booster tracks are now speedier to offset the loss of glitch-boosters.
Fire has been severely nerfed so it spreads slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely.
Compressed network traffic more aggressively.
Blocks that don’t change appearance when the data changes don’t send block updates when their data changes now.
Arrows shot one player can now be picked up by other players.
Minecarts and boats can go through portals, empty or occupied.
Water below a layer of source blocks no longer behaves like source blocks.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed saving while sneaking dropping the player through the ground.
Fixed player rotation not being loaded correctly when loading a saved game.
Fixed the player not being able to sneak off lowered blocks like cacti.
Fixed a game crash when riding a vehicle or animal into the nether.
Fixed falling while riding not dealing damage to the rider.
Fixed buttons and levers too close to the player being impossible to use.
Fixed furnaces and dispensers not dropping their contents when destroyed.
Fixed fire and lava dealing damage through wall corners.
Fixed entities reaching water through wall corners.
Fixed placing doors next to cacti creating half-doors.
Fixed farmland taking too long to dig.
Fixed tilling below some blocks being possible.
Fixed tilling the underside of blocks somehow working.
Fixed fences and stairs sometimes becoming invisible.
Fixed fences and signs preventing grass from growing.
Fixed walking on top of fences not producing step sounds.
Fixed grass staying alive below stair blocks.
Fixed the achievement screen not pausing the game.
Fixed some screens breaking the sky tint color.
Fixed fullscreen mode switching causing mouse issues and screen closes.
Fixed chat messages surviving through game switches.
Fixed chat messages surviving through game switches.
Fixed levers being placeable on weird locations.
Fixed floor levers sometimes not delivering a signal downwards.
Fixed floor levers sometimes not being removed when the floor is removed.
Fixed dying in the nether spawning new portals.
Fixed ore density varying per quadrant from the center of the world.
Fixed saplings being plantable through snow onto non-grass blocks.
Fixed wooden pressure plates being mined with pickaxes.
Fixed creepers retaining charge level when they can’t see their target.
Fixed inventory acting weird when portaling by making the portal close all screens.
Fixed saplings being plantable through snow onto non-grass blocks.
Fixed dispenser graphics being one pixel off.
Fixed mushrooms spawning everywhere during nights.
Fixed animals only spawning near light during the night.
Fixed the multiplayer join screen input field being too short.
Fixed entities above the map height limit becoming invisible.
Fixed loads of exploding TNT generating way too many particles, which usually crashed the game.
Fixed grasscolor.png and foliagecolor.png not being read from texture packs.
Fixed receiving more items than the maximum stack size sometimes causing an oversized stack in the inventory
Fixed IPv6 addresses being parsed wrong.
Fixed network packets being sent unbuffered, causing huge amounts of packets being sent.
Fixed entity positions going out of synch sometimes. They get re-synched every 20 seconds now.
Fixed inventory icons not animating after being picked up in multiplayer.
Fixed mushroom soup not leaving a bowl.
Fixed wolves not following their owner if the name has different caps.
Fixed healing not flashing the health bar
Fixed the compass not pointing at the spawn location.
Fixed record players spawning client-side fake records.
Fixed records not playing for other players.
Fixed players spawning in the wrong location and quickly lerping to the correct location.
Fixed monsters not being visible for players with their difficulty set to peaceful.
Fixed pigs getting hit by lightning spawning client-side zombie pigmen.
Fixed bonemeal use sometimes spawning fake client-side trees.
Fixed saplings sometimes spawning trees client-side.
Fixed weather sometimes changing client-side.
Fixed fireballs not being visible in multiplayer.
Fixed ghasts’ firing animation not being visible.
Fixed rain sounds not playing with fast graphics enabled.
Fixed glass not blocking rain sound
Fixed rain falling through liquids.
Fixed rain falling too slowly.
Fixed rain and snow being incorrectly lit.
Fixed arrow physics, making them not get stuck midair when you open a door.
Fixed arrows colliding with reeds, portals, and other non-solid blocks.
Fixed arrows being animated really strangely in multiplayer.
Fixed arrows triggering too many entity move updates in multiplayer.
Fixed submerged boats rising very very fast.
Fixed boats placed on snow being placed too far up.
Fixed sand dropping onto boats getting stuck in a falling animation.
Fixed dispensers shooting through walls.
Fixed dispensers biasing later slots.
Fixed fire effect on burning entities sometimes getting rendered in the wrong location.
Fixed fences and wooden stairs not being flammable.
Fixed fire sometimes existing mid-air as an invisible block of pain.
Fixed fire displacing water.
Fixed fires being impossible to put out in multiplayer.
Fishing Rods
Fixed fishing rod rendering being a bit lacking.
Fixed fishing rods being stackable.
Fixed water interacting strangely with glass.
Fixed items in glass blocks not getting ejected properly.
Fixed mining glass hiding the clouds behind the glass.
Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities.
Fixed rail tiles sometimes not properly connecting to a new neighbor.
When breaking a minecart the player is currently riding in, the player no longer falls through the block the track is placed on.
Fixed the cracking texture being dark on the sides of grass blocks.
Fixed anaglyph 3d rendering mode having severe visual bugs.
Fixed the achievements screen messing up the sky color.
Fixed hair and cloaks being rendered in the wrong locations on sneaking players.
Fixed a bug where the player could mine without visually swinging their arm.
Fixed the attack/swing animation not being applied to the armor layer
Fixed fences and stairs sometimes becoming invisible.
Fixed redstone repeaters using pumpkin particles.
Glowstone and Jack-o-lanterns recessed into a wall or other surface no longer have shadows cast on them by surrounding blocks when smooth lighting is enabled.
Fixed running out of memory corrupting the current level.
Fixed the crash screen vanishing immediately.
Fixed not being able to target blocks when at x or z pos 1000.
Fixed a system clock change messing up the game speed.
Fixed keybindings not getting saved properly under certain conditions.
Fixed stats getting saved to different files in offline mode if the caps in the player name differ from the true spelling.

New Bugs:

Performance issues
Extreme lag on Linux and Windows multiplayer servers; the Minecraft process uses 100% of CPU as soon as the host is logged on.
The frames per second of the client dropped considerably for some users.
Duplication bugs
Items from the furnace can also be duplicated by right clicking.
Right clicking a Duplicated item from a furnace while the chest is open results in a crash.
Items do not eject properly from any block, they will become buried if a block is placed over them.
Items received from a Furnace sometimes have no stack number
When pressing Q to drop a tool and re-collecting that tool, it will only last for 1 more use.
⇧ Shift+clicking from an inventory to a chest when the chest is full brings the "Saving Chunks" screen [24] to appear and crash.
After death, any items dropped will spawn an infinite number of clone tools to the player when they attempt to pick them up.[25]
The tool-tips for Tall Grass and Dead Shrubs are missing in the Statistics menu.
Tall Grass looks grey in Statistics menu due to not being filtered with grasscolor.png.
Furnaces will sometimes eject all but the last item in every slot.
Upon logging into a world, the player receives half a heart of damage possibly due to spawning partially in the floor or ceiling, if indoors
An item bug was introduced where people could pickup items while their inventory is full.[26]
Any music discs left in a jukebox before Beta 1.6 can not be ejected
Trapdoor textures are mirrored wrongly.[27]
Walking up or down stairs is much bumpier than previously (your viewpoint bouncing vertically).
Closed Trapdoors let rain fall through.
Maps trying to view The Void will crash the game.
Glowstone now acts similarly to glass with regards to rails, torches, ladders, doors, etc.[28]
Player orientation arrow on maps orients about 15° to the right of actual facing.

1.5_02 April 20, 2011

This was a server-only update, 1.5_01 remained the current client version

Bug Fixes:

Game no longer crashes from "internal server error" created by bugs in 1.5_01's Server in SMP
Players no longer get the Saving Chunks screen [29] when taking something out of the Crafting Table

New Bugs:

Placing Rails in North/South direction, followed by placing a piece of rails on the side (and thus making a curve) results in no curve.
"Outside" rain sound still plays when under a glass shelter.
Wolves under a glass roof during rain will be perpetually stuck in the "shaking" animation
During rain in SMP, the server may disconnect you if you attempt to place or destroy blocks.
Wolves that were tamed before this update act weird when in contact with water.
Minecarts on fire can no longer be put out by nearby water.

1.5_01 April 20, 2011

Bug Fixes:

Blocks can now be placed on Snow.
Rain no longer goes through translucent blocks.
Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern inventory texture now correctly faces forward.
Pumpkins are no longer worn backward on the player.
Game no longer crashes when rails are placed next to detector rails, or vice versa.
Wolves are less common than in 1.5, but still more common than in 1.4.
Blocks cannot be placed back into the output slot of furnaces, thus fixing the statistic exploit.
If Minecraft detects a broken save file, it will attempt to recover the world.

New Bugs:

SMP is severely broken.
Many different activities will crash SMP with an "internal server error".
Taking blocks out of crafting squares gives the player a Saving Chunks crash screen [30]
Players are unable to place blocks on snow
Rain and Snow now fall through Water.
Minecart Tracks of all types' placement behaves unexpectedly, not properly orienting after placement.
Water does not change to Ice while snowing.
Levers placed on snow will have the animation like the broken lever: Media:Brokenlever.png The broken lever will point west.
Aggressive mobs are unable to jump over blocks when in pursuit of the player.[31]
Thunder can be heard at the bottom of the world.
Sometimes while ⇧ Shift+clicking objects into chests, the ⇧ Shift key gets stuck on.
Torches are lost when attempting to place them in water. Torches simply washed away can still be collected.

1.5 April 19, 2011

Added Weather, including Rain, Snow, and Thunderstorms
Pigs struck by lighting become a Zombie Pigman.
Creepers struck by lightning become electrified and will have a much more powerful explosion.
Added Statistics and Achievements.
New Blocks
Detector rail and Powered Rail
Birch and Pine/Spruce Saplings
Cannot exist in the game without inventory hacking until Beta 1.8
New settings in options:
Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto).
Advanced OpenGL (Occlusion Culling: doesn't render blocks that the player can't "see", helps performance in cards that support it)
⇧ Shift+clicking on something in a chest will immediately move the selected item(s) into your inventory and vice-versa.
Birch and Pine/Spruce trees now drop Birch and Pine/Spruce saplings, respectively.
Pigs that die by burning now drop cooked porkchops upon death.
Huge performance improvements for old and slow computers.
Crafting a ladder now produces 2 ladders to offset the fix of the staggered-ladder exploit.
Saplings can now serve as fuel in furnaces; they have the same smelting time as Sticks.
Dropped items in flowing water move faster than before.
Redstone dust can be placed on snow.
Wolves are more common, even in non-taiga/forest biomes.
Unarmed damage was increased from Half Heart.png to Heart.png.
Pressing Tab ⇆ will switch between input boxes.

Bug Fixes:

You are only 'on' a ladder (can climb it/fall slowly) if your lower half is in the ladder block, rather than any part of you.
It is no longer possible to climb with a one-block gap in a ladder, or a ladder that starts at eye level.
On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
Player movement through water has been fixed to previous speed.
Wolves' pathfinding now has a better understanding of doors. They will go through doors most of the time, but will sometimes get stuck on the 3 pixel thickness of the door.
The lighting on portals and ice has been fixed when using Smooth Lighting.
Stairs are no longer transparent to light.
On SMP, the health of wolves are now synchronized between server and client, causing wolves to only whimper when low on health, opposed to all of the time.
Redstone in off state is red again.
Crops hit with water now drop seeds and wheat, as opposed to just wheat.
Moving minecarts will continue to move if the world is closed.
The Mojang logo is the correct size when Minecraft is maximized.
The exploit to make chests three or more side by side by placing a water source and placing a chest in that source has been fixed.
⇧ Shift + F2 doesn't attempt to create massive .tga screenshots, which are more than 1GB in size, anymore.
Sugar cane can no longer be placed on any block that is not dirt.

New Bugs:

Advanced OpenGL is still toggle able on systems without Hardware OpenGL 2.0 Support.
The counter for when weather will occur resets when a bed is used; players who often use beds seldom experience weather.
Sneaking can rarely make it so you can place blocks on the block you're standing on.
Repetitively putting items able to be smelted in the furnace counts as a crafting statistic.
Achievements only work in SMP if you have already completed first achievement in Single Player.
Achievements will sometimes disappear when you close and re-open the game and can sometimes be restored by closing and re-opening the game again.
FPS counter commonly shows Chunk Updates instead of FPS.
The game will crash if Detector Rails are placed beside normal rails.
A crash will also occur if a normal rail is placed next to a Detector Rail that is connected to another rail.
Blocks can't be placed on snow.
If you change Advanced OpenGL to on and then back again, chunks that were hidden from the occlusion culling will still be hidden even when they are in your view.
Jumping off a fence in SMP triggers an anti-flight kick.
Rain will fall through transparent blocks including stairs, acting as if there is no block there.
When hitting a grass block the destroying animation is darker on the side than the animation on top of the grass block, though only on fancy graphics.
Flowing water no longer pushes empty minecarts or activated TNT that fall into it.
The create new world screen's input boxes are misaligned when using small and normal GUI sizes.
The Achievements screen does not pause the game.
Traveling around corners in minecarts under certain circumstances crashes the game.
Weather sounds don't play when fast graphics are used.
Pine and birch saplings use the original sapling's particles.
Resizing the window (not fullscreen) after typing in the world name and the seed, they both will be reset to "New World" and a blank seed.
Mob Spawn rates seem to have increased by as much as 10 times.[32]
The burning state may remain on furnaces even though all fuel is consumed, all items able to be smelted are used, or the output-field is full.
When Smooth Lighting is turned off, the middle of certain stair blocks appear black.[33]
The achievements screen turns the sky white at night.
Deaths in SMP are not counted towards statistics.
Powered Rails remain powered without redstone under certain circumstances.

1.4_01 April 5, 2011

Removed the April Fools' joke. However, the locked chests are still obtainable by inventory editing or SMP /give command. They will disappear after a while.

Bug fixes:

Beds now act as a respawn point as intended.

New bugs:

Although this has been fixed for most players, in certain cases the bed may still fail to save the default spawn point.
A glitch is present where using a pickaxe on a Mac could crash the game.

1.4 March 31, 2011

New Minecraft logo (no longer 3D blocks).
Added wolves that the player can tame, or kill for no loot.
Added Cookies which heal the player for 0.5 hearts.
Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position, though does not work for most users. Apparently, at the moment the spawn point unintentionally only changes if "Leave bed" is clicked and the function is limited to SMP.[34]
Sneaking while climbing will hang on to the ladder, thus being a handy cave tool.
Spiders will no longer trample crops and have walking sounds removed.
Sheep can now spawn in Pink and Brown (however rarely)
Cocoa Beans can be found in Dungeon chests.
Wheat grows more quickly compared to 1.3_01
The new default hotkey for the inventory is E.
Added new block, Locked Chest, which was an April Fool's gag. It linked to the 'Minecraft Store', but now it has been removed.
SMP servers can now have a new world seeded with an option in the Server.properties file.
Lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements have been implemented.
Scale of UI may now be changed in options.txt located in the .minecraft folder.
On a fresh install, modded blocks are removed from the map. This excludes modded blocks that are placed into chests.[citation needed]

Bug fixes:

Zombies and Spiders now hurt you in all instances (previously could only hurt you if they were 1 block above your location).
Client-sided slime spawn on SMP has been fixed.
Arm no longer swings when you cannot place a block.
Opening and closing the inventory quickly while swinging no longer removes the character 'swinging' animation, which previously made destroying blocks faster (SMP only).

New bugs:

If a player hits himself with an arrow, any tamed wolves will attack the player.
Tamed wolves whimper in SMP regardless of health. This is because client-side health was used instead of synchronizing the health level with the server's.[35]
Wolves cannot travel through doors. A small hole can be punched out near the door as they are 1x1, thus creating a "doggy-door" until their pathfinding is updated to recognize open doors as a path they can walk through.
Beds do not act as the spawn point as intended, especially if it changes without reloading the save. In most instances, it is unconfirmed that the spawn point is even changed at all.
Several light calculation glitches were introduced, which can be seen when destroying or placing a block near tree leaves and other translucent blocks in Fast or Fancy graphics settings, or loading a new chunk that contains overhangs.
Sometimes torches do not emit light, but can be forced to by placing a light emitting torch near them. If these torches are removed, the light will not go away.
In SMP, a Monster Spawner that spawns pigs will spawn client side pigs. Like other client-side glitches, they cannot be attacked and upon a re-join, will vanish.
In SMP, most (If not all) Redstone Pulsars / Blinkers will not work.(The change time command causes all circuits to malfunction. Server mods that affect server time also seem to affect circuits. Strangely enough, in SSP any mods used to change time will not disrupt circuits in any way.)
Flowing Water will push the player with more force.[36]

1.3_01 February 23, 2011

Bug fixes:

Dependencies on Java 1.6 are gone
Fixed the recent issues on some Macs in which the game would crash when "Singleplayer" button was clicked on
Able to connect Client to Minecraft Server 1.3
Fixed item duplication glitch

1.3 February 22, 2011

New blocks/items (Redstone Repeaters, Beds)
Added three new half-size blocks (Wooden Slab, Cobblestone Slab, Sandstone Slab)
Breaking a block made of two slabs now drops 2 slabs.
Slimes have a higher spawn rate
New Mojang logo splash screen
Graphics settings screen
Ability to toggle between classic lighting and "smooth" lighting
Worlds now use a generic McRegion chunk save format, with built-in auto conversion
While starting a new world, players can choose the world's name and seed to generate the world from.
More than 5 Worlds possible
Scrollbars added in both the texture pack list, and in the map selection screen
Added whitelisting to the server. To use, enter whitelist <cmd> where cmd is on, off, add <player>, remove <player>, list or reload
F1 and F3 are now toggled when pressed.
When F3 is toggled on, mobs display their unique entity ID numbers over their heads.
F8 toggles mouse smoothing
In 3rd person mode, character can be visibly seen to bob side to side when you walk (only when View Bobbing is enabled).
Sandstone is now found at the bottom of naturally generated sand.
All pressure plates now require two of its materials, instead of 3. Stone slabs are now created by using 3 of the materials (see specific block pages for further information)
Mine time for Sandstone decreased.
Redstone Wire will get darker the farther away it is from a source of power.
Less passive Mobs when on harder modes.
Deleting world confirmation changed slightly.
Sulphur renamed back to Gunpowder

Bug fixes:

When breaking double slabs (one slab placed on another) it will drop two slabs instead of one.
Wood and logs don't burn forever anymore.
Grassland/Sand-related biome border fixed (Boundaries line up, rather than obviously show chunk borders)
No longer receiving Java Log error .txt file spam in the minecraft.exe folder when closing the Minecraft client program.
Players can no longer use the click-release to quickly mine blocks (referred to as "click mining"). Note: Only applies to SMP.
Players no longer glitch when standing on fences in SMP
Players can no longer milk Squids.
When right-clicking on a wooden door while holding a bow or fishing rod, arrows will no longer be fired into the door, nor will the fishing hook be cast into the door. (?)
Hostile mobs can now be attacked properly in SMP
Lapis Lazuli Ore now drops 4-8 Lapis Lazuli Dyes in SMP
Bedrock and other blocks cannot be removed by tilling grass or dirt with a hoe and placing seeds anymore.

New Bugs:

Slimes can be killed, but split into smaller slimes regardless of weapon used. Only one split slime can be damaged, the others are 'ghost' slimes which disappear upon reconnecting.
The game will occasionally crash if you enter a Nether portal while in a minecart.
Levers can be placed on the bottom of a block, as long as there is an open space, and a block horizontal to the open space. The lever will act as if placed on the horizontal block, but looks glitched, as shown here: Media:Brokenlever.png
If someone uses their bed in SMP, other players may get disconnected. (Un-Recognizable Packet ID: 17)
Wooden Slabs are best mined with pickaxe, not an axe.
The particle colors for wood and sandstone slabs are gray.
The particle colors for Redstone Repeaters are the same of pumpkins.
Zombies and Spiders cannot hurt players unless they are above them or jumping(true in SSP only).
If debug screen is toggled on in a world and you save and quit to title screen, the graph stays on the screen.
Lighting bugs on transparent blocks with smooth lighting.
When a player drowns or is otherwise killed near or in water, all 10 bubbles of the breath bar show up.
If a redstone torch which is placed on the side of a block receives power, it will turn off permanently and must be manually reset. It will not turn back on.
Redstone Repeaters may stay on when without turning off when turned on and off repeatedly for a long time. May be the blocks equivalent to a redstone torch burn out.
Once a redstone torch is burnt out, any torch placed in that position will immediately burn out when given power. Torches will also remain burnt out forever.
F1 in 3rd person mode no longer switches to front-on view
No response from Minecraft Server 1.3

Client/Launcher Update[37] February 21, 2011

Updates now voluntary
Official Links added
Community Links added
Command line support added
Twitter Links added
Ability to choose Minecraft directory location

1.2_02 January 21, 2011

Skins are now downloaded from Amazon S3 instead of minecraft.net
Lapis Lazuli Ore now drops 4 - 8 Lapis Lazuli per block mined (increased from 1) on single player only (Minecraft beta servers have not been affected yet).
Lapis Lazuli Ore can be found at bedrock level.
Ink Sacks have been re-named to "Ink Sacs".

1.2_01 January 14, 2011

Fixed various blocks acting really weird when placed (rails, torches, and more)
Optimized performance
Added a new painting that was not added in version 1.2
Reduced spawn rates a bit
Fixed a whole pile of lighting bugs
No more ghosts at night
Added a temporary fix to get rid of chunk visibility errors.[38]
Splash text on the Main Menu returned to normal. (No longer constantly shows the quote "Finally beta!")
Slimes were re-added to the game with a very low spawn rate.[39]

1.2 January 13, 2011

New addition charcoal
Note Blocks (right click to tune, trigger to play)
15 wool dyes
A new passive water-dwelling mob (Squid), which drops the new item Ink sac
New tree types (Birch, Pine)
Reeds retconned into sugar canes. They still make paper.
A bunch of new crafting recipes
One secret useful block (Dispenser)
One secret pretty block (Lapis Lazuli)
Sugar - Crafted from Sugar Cane
Default furnaces given new look
Bones added to the drop table, exclusively for skeleton archers.
Bones can be crafted into Bone Meal.
New gray, light gray, and black sheep. Drop correspondingly colored wool.
Tools made out of wood, stone, iron, and possibly diamond have increased durability.
Gold tools can remove blocks like stone and wood much more quickly than their diamond counterparts, with the same durability and restrictions as before 1.2.
Spiders can climb up walls.
Mob Spawners again show a rotating model inside of what they spawn in single player.
Wheat Seeds might be harvested more often when plowing grass blocks.
Included the FastRender mod by Scaevolus.[40]
Screenshots can be taken using the F2 key without having to first hold down the F1 key.
Iron, diamond, and coal are found in larger amounts (at least) in caves.

Bug fixes:

Paintings work in multiplayer
Disconnecting while riding no longer keeps the player in the world
A bunch more state is properly synched in multiplayer
Included PowerPC color and audio fixes by Scaevolus.
Fixed a horrible chunk reload loop in singleplayer
Fixed most lighting bugs in newly generated SMP maps
Falling sand behaves better in SMP
Fixed a few crash on load level bugs
Jack-O-Lantern now has correct tooltip.
Sheep now visibly lose their wool when hit in SMP.

1.1_02 December 22, 2010

Fixed the chest not opening with empty hands bug.

1.1_01 December 22, 2010

Added a missing font file in the package build.

1.1 December 22, 2010

Fixed "fancy" characters not working in the game by detaching font resources from the code.
Rewrote leaf decay.
Fixed FPS drops in single player.
Fixed players getting spammed with data and getting disconnected in SMP.
Fixed the item dupe bug in SMP.

A few special events happened on the following specific days (according to system time):
On the date of Christmas Eve to Boxing Day:
The quote on the main menu said, "Merry X-mas!"
All players wore a Christmas themed cape.
On the date of New Year's Eve:
All player wore a purple cape with an 11 on it to celebrate the coming year.
On the date of New Years Day:
The quote on the main menu said, "Happy New Year!"

1.0.2 December 21, 2010

Fixed problem where game wouldn't run on Macs plus possibly other unknown fixes.

1.0_01 December 20, 2010

Fixed double chest bug.
Fixed rare crash on level load bug.

Persistent/New Bugs:

Frame rate/performance issues not fully fixed.[41]
Disconnects from multiplayer servers due to overflow.
Crashes after login on GNU/Linux

1.0 December 20, 2010

Working server-side inventory. And as a result of that, a whole pile of bugs and issues got fixed.
Made SMP servers save chunks way less often in most cases. Chunks don’t resave if they got saved in the last 30 seconds.
Moving too far away from a chest, or having it blow up, closes the inventory screen.
Fixed /kill.
Introduced leaf decay again. It acts differently from before.
You can now throw eggs.
Throwing an egg has a chance of spawning a chicken.
Added super exclusive clan cloaks for Mojang Employees.
...and something else, which is even more rare (DeadMau5 skin only in use on Deadmau5's server).
Tooltips in inventory - When you mouse over an item, its name appears.
You can't store things in the inventory crafting fields anymore.
Dungeons are more common (?)
New constant splash text on the main menu: "Finally beta!"

New Bugs:

When looking in a double chest you can't do anything with the two bottom rows in your inventory.
Players get disconnected after a short while on local Minecraft servers.
Game starting problem for some people (especially Mac).
Item duplication bug.
watercolor.png doesn't do anything


For more information about the Versions' History check the offical website:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

More will come soon Wink

Kind Regards,

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I can honestly say that no one will really "read" all of that.

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Maybee ur right, i rwad it all Very Happy

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